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1020: Avant-Garde Fashion

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SDPC is planning a shoot for August 24, 2021, from 6-9pm at Hendo Studios.  The theme is “AVANT-GARDE FASHION WITH A BEAUTY DISH”.  We plan for 1 model (@lizzyherlehy), a fashion stylist and an HMUA (@makeoversbyjessa).

The three lighting setups will be:

1.        A large umbrella/softbox as the key light with a beauty dish in the center to provide more punch and contrast.   -Alternate setup is to move the beauty dish down below the model to act as fill - (With this setup you can take headshots back to almost full body)

2.       Beauty dish clam shell setup with reflector

3.       Beauty dish as rim with a large umbrella/softbox as the key light

Upon registration and payment, you are agreeing with the San Diego Portrait Club’s Liability Release ( and Harassment Policy ( In addition, you agree to follow the Image Submission policy outlined below:

  • All photographers who register and pay to participate in a SDPC photoshoot will be responsible for submitting quality, retouched images within two (2) weeks of a photoshoot. The shoot coordinator will provide more detail at the shoot including the number of images to be submitted and the submittal date.
  • Any photographer participating in a club photoshoot that fails to comply with any of the Shoot Coordinator’s image submittal requirements will not be allowed to participate in future SDPC photo shoots.
  • Photographers who have failed to submit images may be reinstated by a vote of the Board provided they agree to submit images taken at future photoshoots.  If any reinstated photographer fails a second time to submit images, that photographer will no longer be allowed to participate in club photo shoots.

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