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Eminent Beauty

$70.00 USD

The SDPC has scheduled a studio shoot on October 28th (Saturday) from 10:00am-1:00pm at Hendo Loft in downtown San Diego. Although street parking is available, it can be difficult to find a space. There are two(2) parking lots that are available within 2 blocks of the studio:

Parking Lot 1 is located at 8th Ave and Island Ave (recommended)

Parking Lot 2 is located at 11th Ave and J Street

The theme is a ‘Eminent Beauty’. Our model is fashion model Julia Baker. She’s been published in numerous magazines.

Hendo Loft provides the opportunity for natural and strobe lighting. Each photographer can choose which lighting style they prefer or a combination of both…For those not familiar with lighting, SDPC will provide support to capture your images.

The photoshoot will be limited to six(6) photographers. SDPC will provide the Godox/Flashpoint strobe lighting equipment. Please bring your Godox/Flashpoint triggers. If you don’t have a trigger, we will provide a trigger for Canon, Sony and Nikon cameras.

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