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Outdoor Lighting Class

$35.00 USD

SDPC is very fortunate to have as our guest speaker and educator, Jon Campbell (

Jon will present a class at the Photographic Arts Building (PAB) on lighting techniques followed by a walkaround of Balboa Park with a model to demonstrate outdoor lighting techniques. And, to provide the class members the opportunity to photograph with him. This is a great chance for everyone to learn from a master and to improve their photographic skills.

Jon has been a Professional Photographer in Southern California since 1988. He is a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Professional Photographers of California as well as Professional Photographers of San Diego County. Also, he received the Certified Professional Photographer certificate from PPA.

He became interested in photography at an early age. Although he has photographed a variety of genres, portraits were always his favorite. As he says, “Portraits were always my favorite subject. Even today, the major portion of my work involves Portraiture.”

His experience comes from running a studio for over 15 years, providing high quality family and individual portraiture as well as 20-26 weddings per year. Years of studio work have helped him understand lighting and posing subject to product images that are stunning, but also sell.

He enjoys teaching people how to create images using lighting techniques for studio and outdoor lighting using a balance of available light and electronic flash. These lighting techniques have been utilized by master painters of old and photographers of the 1930’s and 1940’s. This style provides image that often appear three dimensional and make you say “Wow”.

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