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1020: Swimming Pool Photoshoot

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The SDPC has scheduled a pool and pool side shoot on 8/31 from 9am-12noon at a private residence in Poway, CA…..

SDPC’s plan is to conduct two (2) simultaneous sessions with 2 models and 10 photographers (5 photographers/1 model per session). The 2 simultaneous shoots are in separate areas: (1) In pool and (2) poolside settings. The models will have a variety of outfits depending on whether they are modeling in the pool or at poolside.

During the photo shoot, photographers and models will alternate in order to provide everyone the opportunity to capture a variety of images of both models and different outdoor settings.

If we are unable to obtain 10 photographers for the shoot, the 1st five (5) photographers will be confirmed for the shoot with 1 model. The remaining photographers will be provided a refund.

A final decision on whether we will conduct 1 or 2 shoots will be made on 8/26….

So, if you are interested register and pay before 8/26.

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