The club sponsors and organizes monthly photo shoots, conducts quarterly portraiture workshops, and quarterly business meetings.

Portrait Photo Shoots

Weekend in studio or on location photo shoots are held monthly. When demand requires, there may be more than one shoot scheduled on that day. Unless otherwise specified, each shoot is limited to 5 photographers. Each photographer shoots in round robin turns. Photographers have as many turns as time allows, Photo shoots typically last 3 hours.

There is a modest fee for photoshoots which covers the model(s), MUA and studio costs.

Portraiture Workshops

The club’s quarterly workshops provide an opportunity for hands-on learning of a variety of photographic and editing skills. Experienced club members or local guest speakers conduct these workshops. Workshops on held quarterly. A small fee is required for workshops.

Club Meetings

Quarterly member meetings are held quarterly. These meetings provide members an opportunity to experience guest speaker’s presentations, share their images, socialize, and participate in the planning of future club activities.

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