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Shades of Red

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The SDPC has scheduled an on location shoot on February 24th (Saturday) from 9:00am-12:00pm at Inspiration Point (Balboa Park). Although street parking is available on Inspiration Point Way, it can be difficult to find a space because of limited street parking. A large parking area is located adjacent to Park Blvd and requires a short walk to Inspiration Point. The Google Map link:

The theme is ‘Shades of Red’. Our talent is fashion model Aoife Lee.

Each photographer can choose which lighting style they prefer or a combination of both…For those not familiar with lighting, SDPC will provide support to capture your images.

The photoshoot will be limited to five(5) photographers. SDPC will provide the Godox/Flashpoint strobe lighting equipment. Please bring your Godox/Flashpoint triggers. If you don’t have a trigger, we will provide a trigger for Canon, Sony and Nikon cameras.

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