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The Art of Posing a Female Form

$10.00 USD

The SDPC has scheduled a workshop on August 26th from 9:30am-11:30am at the Mission Valley Library. The workshop is The Art of Posing a Female Form…..

In preparation for our September boudoir-style shoot, the workshop will focus on techniques shared by some of the leading photographers (e.g. Jerry Ghionis, Jen Rozenbaum, Carl Caylor) in photographing a woman body.  

The workshop will highlight eight (8) points from classes taught by Jen Rozenbaum…. This workshop is NOT a boudoir shoot but an opportunity to learn how to photograph a woman’s body with intent and good lighting techniques that can be used in September’s SDPC photoshoot. Our model for the workshop is Lexi Keller.

The workshop will highlight the following: 

·      Communicate effectively with your subjects and create stunning images that reflect the vision and personality of the photographer and subject

·      Learn how to convey emotion and storytelling through poses

·      Promote self-confidence and celebrate the beauty of all body types that create images that empower and inspire

·      Hands on experience with a live model


Photographers are asked to bring their cameras with a 50mm lens and/or a 24-70mm lens. Photographers will be placed in 2 separate groups. Each group will be assigned to photograph either the upper, lower portion and full length of the body and then switch. 

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